Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Chantilly has been inspired by the art of chocolate since 1963. Ever since, we have worked with high quality products creating our own special recipes that have been highly appreciated all over the world.

With our first boutique established in Hamra, Beirut-Lebanon, Chantilly has expanded its love for chocolate by introducing its products in the Middle East (Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE),Europe (UK and France), America and South Africa througha number of shops and franchises.

With several moves during its growth and expansion, Chantilly has maintained the most modern updated confectionary facility with upmost regard to quality and standards.Remaining one of the top chocolatiers in the Middle East, offering premium confectionery while mixing tradition with state of the art technology.

Chantilly’s products continuous success is due to an effective and regular quality control system. Hygiene is a fundamental factor that governs all the preparation process with the use of specialized materials and equipment. 

Chantilly has put its 50 years of experience to built a passion for chocolate. Introducing quality and attention to detail to a refined sumptuous chocolate presented in elegant packaging and accessories. Creating seasonal themes to share your joyous moments with your loved ones. Our customer’s satisfaction and care remains an important factor in our production.

Because Chocolate is what we do.

Our Chocolates

Chantilly's line of confectionery is not only rich in variety, but it also is the “crème de la crème” in taste.

When it comes to our chocolate and production, the raw material is carefully selected with prime products of high quality and premium ingredients to insure the perfect blend.

Chantilly’s range of chocolates include Plains, Nut fillings, Gianduia, Caramel, Fruit fillings and many others delicious delicatessens that simply melt in your mouth. As for our oriental chocolates, it is a whole new innovationwith Baklawa, Dates, Maamoul, Karabij, Halawi and much more, uniquely created for your pleasure.
Attention is paid to every aspect, rendering full bodied and well-flavored chocolate. With a variety surpassing 100 different fillings in various shapes and a large production capacity allowing us to do wonders.

Our Specialties

Chantilly’s seasonal production ranges from Chocolate to Marzipans, Truffles, Calisson, MarronGlaces and much more. They have been enhanced to meet European tastes. These also include Loukoum, Moulouki, Malban and Nougat. Think of their making to be as finely cut as gemology.

Our Lebanese treats are made up of many layers and blends including Marzipan, Pistachio nuts, Sesame seeds, Apricot pasteand Honey with Hazelnut Nougat. They can sometimes be dipped in a chocolate coating making them even more delicious.

Our Presentation

When it comes to the final presentation, all of Chantilly’s products can be found in variouselegantly displayed pre-packed boxes, individually tailor-made occasional and seasonal themed boxes, or elegantly wrapped chocolates in arrangements, gift items and accessories including: baskets, silver, crystal, ceramics, etc. An extensive selection of items to choose from is provided in all of our branches.

Our chocolate can be catered to all types of occasions and presented in a refined and unique way to suit your special event. With a wide range of products customized to the theme you have selected. A team of experienced designers strives to make all your dreams come true by creating designs and elegant displays that fit your every need. All of our themes are developed with an attention to detail that build the bridges between reality and dreams because we care about our customers and giving you the perfect accessories to share moments of pleasure with your loved ones is important to us. Whether for a wedding, engagement, graduation, newborn, communion or even corporate gifts… we are here to listen to your needs and help you enjoy the occasion.

Share the love of chocolate with Chantilly.